Workout Videos

Multi Chin Up Bar (English)
Calorie Heart Rate Instructional Video (English)
Multi Chin Up Bar (Spanish)
Multi Chin Up Bar (French)
Slam Ball (English)
Slam Ball (French)
Slam Ball (Spanish)
AcuPressure Mat (English)
AcuPressure Mat (French)
AcuPressure Mat (Spanish)
Weight Toning (English)
Get a great workout!! In this video you will work out using flex bands, Push up Bars, Dumbbells, The Kettle Bell and Kettle Ball.
Weight Toning (French)
Resistance Cord (French) Resistance Cord (English)
This Video will provide an excellent resistance workout. Targets all muscle groups. Running time approx. 20 minutes
Ball Chair (English)
Benefits of Using the Zenzation and PurAthletics Ball Chair
This video will demonstrate the benefits of using a Ball Chair
Kettlebell (French)
Kettlebell (English)
Get a great workout!!! This video will show you how to accomplish 8 basic Kettle Bell workouts.
Dome Exerciser (English)
You will be amazed the workout you will get using the Dome Exerciser. This Video will take you through both beginner and advanced exercises to include a warm up and cool down.
Dome Exerciser (French) Foam Roller (French)
Foam Roller (English)
Great for runners, athletics, for that matter anyone really. This video will show you how to use the foam rollers to improve your core strength and balance. Also instructs you on using the foam rollers for stretching and massaging your muscles. Helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Widely used by Physiotherapists for rehabilitation.
Mini-Trampoline (French)
Mini Trampoline (English)
The trampoline is not just for jumping up and down. There is much more to it. This video shows you how to burn calories, tone muscles, Improve balance & coordination. Enjoy a low impact workout and get in shape!!!!
Door Gym (Spanish)
Door Gym (English)
Our 12 in one Workout door gym video will give you a full body workout. Shapes, Tones, Builds Strength & Power.
Balance Disc (French)
Balance Disc (English)
This 20 minute workout will take you through the basics of working out with the balance disc. It's not just a sitting cushion it's so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aerobic Stepper (Spanish)
Aerobic Stepper (French) Aerobic Stepper (English)
This Aerobic Stepper video TARGETS - guts, thighs, calves, abs & arms.
Promotes weight loss, improves cardio & strength.
How to clean your mat (English) Introduction to Yoga (French)
Cette vidéo est idéale pour les débutants. Christa vous démontre comment réaliser 22 des poses de yoga les plus communes.
Introduction to Yoga (English)
This video is great for any beginner. Christa will instruct you how to accomplish 22 of the most common poses in Yoga.
Weighted Shift Ball Workout (English)
Workout to this video
1) Tone your Abs, Thighs & Glutes
2) Get a great Cardio Workout
3) Increase your Core Muscle Strength
4) Lose Weight
Weighted Shift Ball Workout (French)
Entraînez-vous au rythme de ce DVD
Tonifiez vos abdominaux, vos cuisses et vos muscles fessiers
Effectuez un bon entraînement cardiovasculaire
Renforcez vos muscles centraux
Perdez du poids
Exercise Ball Workout (English)
Workout to this video
1) Tone your Abs, Thighs & Glutes
2) Get a great Cardio Workout
3) Increase your Core Muscle Strength
4) Lose Weight
Pilates Basic (English)
Pilates is a method of conditioning that leads to uniform development of the whole body, and brings clarity and ease to the mind. Pilates exercises are powered by breath, flow and centering.